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Full watch service, restoration.

We are working with the latest technologies and the most modern equipment. We are the only one in the Baltic States who performs full restoration of the watch case, buckle with laser welding and grinding.

In our workshop we offer: cleaning and polishing, battery replacement complete diagnostics, ultrasonic cleaning, tightness and water-resistance test, case restoration, glass replacement...

Full service

We offer first-class servicing, restoration and repair of fine Swiss timepieces by professional watchmakers. Every watch, whether it be mechanical or quartz, requires regular maintenance to enable it to work in optimal condition. Full servicing of the movement, Battery Change, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Polishing, Performance Tests, Replacement Of Parts, Strap Change or adjustment, Water resistance restoring.

Лазерная сварка

Laser welding is the latest method which can help to restore such a problems as deep dents, scratches or deformation of the watch case without loosing the geometry of the case.


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